Palm Sunday Parish of Galloon 29 March 2015

Priests of the Parish: Rev Michael King, PP; Tel: 67738229 Canon Edward Murphy, CC; Tel: 67738640
Parish Office Hours: Tuesday, and Thursday from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm. And Wednesday 10.00.-100 pm. Tel: 028 67737935. Website: Email address:
Newtownbutler Defibrillator Group: Voluntary out of hour’s service after 7.00 pm. Telephone 07699764165
St Vincent de Paul Society: Newtownbutler/Donagh area Local Telephone No: 07966718749
Mass via The Internet: Log on to and you will find Newtownbutler, St Mary’s for the Masses

Where do I stand? Today we read Mark’s account of Jesus’ Passion; yes it is the long Gospel but we should not miss out on the journey that this account offers us. A good question to ask is ‘Where do I stand’ in this Gospel? The cry of abandonment on the cross has to gbe one of the most frightening aspects of this account: ‘Eloi, Eloi Lema Sabgbachta=ni?” My God, my God, why have you deserted me? At the crucial moment, even God is silent. This is not an e3asy journey. We can remember those today who stand for justice, who fight for human rights, those who are counter-cultural, who stand against oppressive systems even though the path is dangerous and lonely. And we can continue to ask ourselves: ‘Where do I stand?’
Palms blessed at all Masses – In Donagh the people assemble in the Community Centre at 
9.45 am for the blessing of Palm. Procession from there to the Church for Mass at 10.00 am.  

Thursday 2nd Holy Thursday: The Mass of Chrism celebrated by the Bishop with his Priests is the only Mass in the Diocese this morning. The holy oils are blessed and priests renew their commitment to their ministry. (This Mass is in the Cathedral in Monaghan at 11.00 am and all are invited to join – if you are free 
Thursday morning why not come along). Lent ends at sunset today, when the Easter Triduum begins. The Mass of the Lord’s Supper this evening marks the Last Supper, followed by the Agony in Gethsemane.  
Evening Mass of the Lord’s 
Supper in Donagh at 7.00 pm and in Newtownbutler at 8.00 pm followed by the procession of the Blessed 
Sacrament to the Altar of Repose. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament until 11.00 pm in both churches. An opportunity for family to spend some time in the present of the Blessed Sacrament to watch and pray with the Lord.
Friday 3rd -Good Friday: (Catholics aged between 18 and 60 fast today. All over 14 abstain from meat). Stations of the Cross at 11.00 am. Mass is not celebrated. At the Celebration of the Lord’s Passion, the death of Jesus is recalled and the cross venerated. Many Catholics also pray the Stations of the Cross which trace the journey of Jesus to Calvary. Celebration of the Lord’s Passion will be in Newtownbutler only at 3.00 pm. Ceremonies include Scriptures Readings, Veneration of the Cross and Holy Communion. Saturday 19th-Holy Saturday: Mass is not celebrated during daylight hours today. The Easter Vigil takes place tonight, honouring the resurrection of Jesus. The new light of Easter is blessed, baptism is recalled and the first Mass of Easter is celebrated. The Easter Vigil begins in Newtownbutler only at 8.00 pm. Please gather outside the Church for the blessing of the Paschal Fire and Easter Candle. The Mass Servers and the Priest lead the way into the Church, followed by the people for the Liturgy of the Word, the Liturgy of Baptism and the Mass of the Resurrection. Easter Water (blessed during the Liturgy) will be available at the door of the Church. The Holy Saturday Liturgy is the high-point of the Church’s year. Not an optional extra. It is at the heart of Christian Worship and Living. A night not to be missed.  
May he who said, “See I am risen and am with you” bring 
you much happiness and joy. Happy Easter everyone.

The Way of the Cross: The Stations, also known as the Way of the Cross, are A traditional way of reflecting on the journey of Jesus to his crucifixion. As far back as the fourth century, pilgrims flocked to the Holy Land to walk the route he had carried the cross. The Stations offer a way to immerse ourselves in this
familiar story. The way of the cross was ultimately not so much the way of the pain and sorrow but the way of unconditional love. The cross becomes a sign of suffering would be to miss the whole meaning and experience of the love of Jesus. We begin Holy Week today with an account of the triumphant entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem, but it is a short-lived triumph. In a few short days we will celebrate the Lord’s passion and death. There is a lot to reflect on in these days of Holy Week.

Eucharistic Ministers are asked to help on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

First Confessions for all the Primary 4 Pupils of St Mary’s Primary School, Newtownbutler on this Monday night
30 March 2015 at 7.30 pm. We remember the children and their families in our prayers.

Confessions for Easter: Monday of Holy Week before the 7.00 pm Mass in Donagh; in Newtownbutler, after the ceremonies on Thursday and Friday.

Eucharistic Adoration–in Adoration Chapel, Donagh on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 7.30-10.30pm;  
Tuesday 10.00 am -10.30 pm. ‘Come and pray, Watch and pray one hour

Mass Servers: 29.03.15-Group 3-Rebecca Brady, Eimear Holland, Tommy McDermott, Sean Carson, Katie Chapman, Shannon Greene. 05.04.15-Group 4: Ella Lynch, Christina Mulligan, Kerri Fitzpatrick, Jack and Sophie McKenna, Philip McGuinness.

Trocaire Boxes: Proceeds from your Trocaire Boxes due Sunday week ( Sunday 12th) Please put contents of boxes into notes in so far as possible and use the envelope provided in your box of envelopes marked Trocaire. Despite recession we look forward to your generosity.
Borderline Players, Pettigo present Old Mother Hubbard the pantomime in the Ardhowen Theatre on Thursday 9th and Friday 10 April. For further information contact 028 66325440.
The Oak Healthy Living Centre will hold an 8 week Healthy Women Programme in the Connons Hall starting on Monday 30th March from 7.30 -9.00 pm. The course will cover topics such as Womens Health, stress, diet and nutrition. The course is free and is open to women of all ages.
St Vincent de Paul Appeal for any good quality second hand clothes, bric a brac, ornaments, etc. Everything gratefully received. Shop open Monday to Saturday in Lisnaskea.

Parish Collection 22.03.15: £996.30 and €216.50; loose change £258.40 and €64.80. Total to parish funds £1254.70 and €281.30.
Parish Envelopes are currently being distributed. If you do not receive a box before the 5 April 2015 or if any details on your box are not correct please contact the parish office.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Phyliss McKiernan, (nee O’Keefe), Camphill Park who died last weekend. May God grant her eternal rest and comfort her grieving family and friends.

Newtownbutler: Morning Mass at 10.00 am on Monday and Tuesday. Evening Mass: Holy Thursday at 8.00 pm. Good Friday Ceremonies at 3.00 pm. Vigil Mass on Saturday evening at 8.00 pm. Sunday Morning Mass at 11.30 am.  
Confessions: After the ceremonies on Thursday and Friday 
Eucharistic Ministers: Sat 28.03.15: Garbhan McPhillips, Shannen Courtney. Sun 29.03.15: Paddy Conlon, Sinead Crudden. Sat 4.04.15: Claire Wilson, Raymond McGloin. Sun 05.04.15: Roisin Cruddenk Brian Courtney.
Anniversary Masses: Sat 28-6.30 pm: For all the people in our parish who have suffered bereavement. Sun 29-11.30 am: The People of the Parish. Wed1 April- 10.00 am: Mary Conlon, Lurganboy Park.
Donagh: Evening Mass only on Monday at 7.00 pm; Tuesday at 9.30 am and Wednesday at 10.00 am. Holy Thursday –Lord’s Supper at 8.00 pm. No ceremonies on Friday or Saturday. Morning Mass on Sunday at 10.00 am
Confessions on Monday before the 7.00 pm Mass.  
Eucharistic Ministers: Sun 29.03.15: Anne McGovern, Sean Og Cadden. Sun 5.04.15: Siobhan McCormack, Genevieve Crudden.  
Anniversary Masses: Sun 29-10.00 am: Month’s Mind Dr Norbet Lynch, Ballyhullagh, Noelle Mohan. Sun 5-10.00 am: Aiden McCarron, Donagh Hill; Phil and Marie Mulligan, Ballyhullagh; and Joan Foster, Cormonlea.
Dancing Classes starting in the Millennium Hall, Donagh on Thursday, 9th April 2015 at 8.00 to 10.00 pm with quickstep, waltzing and jive. Tutor Michael Brady.